Plum & Ashby Seaweed & Samphire Diffuser Refill + Reeds

The new 100ml clear glass bottle refills can be used to top up our Plum & Ashby diffusers, making them both environmentally and economically friendly. The luxury diffuser refills are ideal to add a constant fragrance to your home. Made in England with a base of sustainably sourced oils, and available in beautiful glass bottles.  The refills come with 10 natural rattan reeds to replace your existing sticks, to ensure the fragrance can effectively fill your room.

The Fragrance                                                                                                                                A walk along the seafront watching the deep blue waves crash onto the golden sand and the fresh salty sea air blowing gently. Our favourite places to visit on a weekend is the seaside and this scented diffuser quickly evokes these feelings with a rich, dark aroma of the sea along with a woody, musky base note of samphire.

Size 100ml / 3.3fl oz
100% natural vegetable oil base
Not tested on animals
No Parabens
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