L:A BRUKET Saltbath 450gm

Bathsalts: marigold, roses, lavender

A traditional, organic health cure with marigold, roses, lavender, unbleached sea salt and essential oils of marigold, orange and geranium. With a handful (50-100g) of this salt you will get a scented, relaxing and softening ”kurbad”, a spa treatment in your home.

Ingredients: organic unbleached sea salt, marigold, nettles,roses, lavender, Limonene, Linalool (both natural ingredients of essential oils).

Bathsalts: mint
One of our oldest health cures. Add a handful (50-100g) of this organic bath salt into your foot bath and enjoy a mint scented, healing and energizing soak that reduces stress, stimulates and improves concentration.

Ingredients: unbleached sea salt, mint, Limonene (a natural ingredient of essential oils).
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