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Red Rubin BASIL has dark reddish-purple leaves and stems, making it most appealing for salads and garnishes. It is different from regular basil as it has a stronger flavour. Plant H40 x 20 cm. Packet contains 120 seeds 

Mrs. Burns’ Lemon Basil is a legendary heirloom plant that has been grown since the 1920s in New Mexico. The seeds were given to Janet Burns, an organic gardener, who introduced the citrusy, aromatic herb to the world in 1939. Its intense lemony flavour meant that it became an instant hit with fine chefs and gardeners alike! The lemon-scented, light-green leaves can be used in cooking, eaten raw and even added to baked treats.

H40-60 x W20-30 cm. Packet contains 60 seeds 

 NASTURTIUM Blue Pepe is a unique European variety bred specifically for culinary use. The name is derived from its wonderful steel-blue leaves with purplish undersides. The flowers themselves are also edible and their bright-red hue makes an attractive addition to salads. The leaves have a slightly peppery taste, reminiscent of watercress. The flavour becomes spicier when the flowers are grown in sunnier, hotter weather. The flowers are less intensely flavoured than the leaves but they add a dramatic, colourful zing to any recipe.Plant size: H20 x 20 cm. Packet contains 10 seeds

NIGELLA, also known as Black Cumin, is an annual, flowering plant native to Asia and the Middle East. If you can resist picking the delicate blooms, the seed pods that develop from the flowers are equally glorious. In fact, the seeds are the edible part of the plant and are widely used in Indian and Middle Eastern cooking for their strong aroma and spicy tast.  Plant size: H30 x 20 cm. Packet contains 100 seed

Seed packet size:14 x 7 cm

* Edible flower seeds available separately

* Fruit & Veg Seeds available separately

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