Number 36 & 38 Candles

We have these made for us exclusively in the UK. We have designed and the label and packaged them up! Brother and sister to our Christmas candle, that for 10 years has consistently been our best selling candles at Christmas.

 Choose from:

'36' is top notes of Sweet orange, with Bergamot and Pettigrain - made with soy wax.

'38' is top notes of Peppermint with Nutmeg and Blackpepper - made with soy wax.

30 Hours burning time....Great value at £9.95 each

Each tin is H6.5 x D7.5cms

* 36 & 38 are the numbers of our two shops in Hampton Hill SW London.


Each time you burn the candle, burn it so that the all of the candle wax surface has melted. Use the lid to extinguish the candle, rather than blowing it out. Carefully reposition the wick to the centre of the tin after use. Keep the wick trimmed to no more than 1cm. If the flame starts to burn black smoke, the wick probably needs trimming. Reposition the wick after use.

Never leave a burning candle unattended.

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