Japanese Paper Window Snowflakes | Gift Set of 22

Japanese Paper Window Snowflakes | Gift Set of 22, for attaching to your windows, or decorating your home. Comes beautifully packaged in a gift box. 

This gift set includes 22 snowflakes in various design that will look fantastic on any window. The box also allows to store the snowflakes when they are not used.

The texture of the Mino 'Washi' paper is smooth, flexible and durable and the smooth borders remind of the crystals of snow. The result is very realistic, due to their translucent features, manipulation of direct light, and their blurry borders, which' characteristics are all carefully crafted individually, by hand. 

APPLICATION: The snowflakes stick on your window, just by spraying a bit of water onto the paper! No glue or tape required!
After use, they can easily be removed by carefully peeling them off, after which they can be stored and re-used at any time.

* Snowflakes on average, approx 12cms diameter

IEDA paper craft has been producing fine handmade Washi paper for over 128 years. Their goal is to keep their beloved art alive, by designing products that are suitable for a modern day lifestyle- both in- and outside of Japan! 


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